Coaching Call – August 2022

Topic: In this coaching call we talk about our side hustles and hobbies. Often it’s what keeps us working hard at our full-time gig. Tune in to hear about what others are doing and get inspired:

Coaching Call – June 2022

Topic: Kristina was out of the country so Noah Britton from Thrive Design and Agency X-Ray ran the call! Discussion includes talk on sales numbers, client management, and of course, Airtable.

Coaching Call – May 2022

Are you feeling bored, need better tools, feeling frustrated by companies shifting their LTD policies or developer license pricing? Listen in as the group reviews their tools.

Coaching Call – April 2022

Topic: We discuss pricing projects. On the call we share actual numbers with candid conversation! Listen in for great insight and advice.

Coaching Call – March 2022

Topic: What are your BIG goals? What motivates you to keep going in your business? Join the call las we dream large and take charge.

Coaching Call – February 2022

Topic: Have you ever had a time when you wanted to quit entrepreneurship? On this call we share our war stories and encourage one another in the most difficult task – running your own business while overcoming mistakes and missteps.

Coaching Call – January 2022

Topic: Are you a website designer, a website developer a consultant, a marketer? Even our own industry has a hard time putting people in boxes. On this call we discuss what we call ourselves and how it translates to hourly rates.

Coaching Call – December 2021

Topic: This month’s coaching call was a “mastermind” style. We discussed and addressed questions about email outreach as well as offering a higher tiered product to clients.

Coaching Call – November 2021

Topic: We talk about what makes you unique, your unique value proposition. In doing so we’ll also discuss vision, mission and values and how that defines who we work with as well as how we can be motivated by others’ success.