Care Plan Action Plan – Reactive Strategies

In any crisis, having a plan on how you are going to react is critical to responding quickly. Crisis management solutions always work to help you produce scripts and processes for various predictable situations. In our case, with the concern that our clients will face economic hardship, we can respond and plan accordingly with a variety of approaches.

Below you will find various strategies offered up by our web pro-community, and all as a response to situations where you receive an email from the client to cancel, pause or lower the price of their plan.

Your reactive approach may vary client to client, or you may choose one that works for all. Either way, it’s important you decide this now and have your email scripts and process ready to help your client when the time comes.

We are looking to continually add to these topics proven email and phone scripts. Have you implemented a strategy below and want to share it? Email 🙂