Current Clients Outreach

1. Choose a Proactive Outreach and Reactive Approach

You need to reach out to your clients proactively in some way. Review the topics from the Proactive lessons and choose at least 1 proactive outreach and a 1 reactive approach.

2. Evaluate your current client list and businesses

Isolate troubled clients using Airtable to group and filter by their needs. This will give you a better view of who may be greatly impacted.

3. Keep an eye on activity in order to take a personalized proactive approach

Over the next few days monitor the clients who open and engage with your emails, ones who send in support tickets, ones who request a notice that is placed on their site. Read the notices and identify the most vulnerable.

4. Keep a list of suggestions for clients

Each week during the 90 days, create suggestions for growth, improvement or cost-saving solution each vulnerable client so you are prepared to be proactive or reactive.

At the end of the 90 days, you will have a good handle on your clients and their situations, a better ability to help them and a plan should they reach out for a shift or change as your client.

Here are some ways our community is putting this in real action:

Noah Britton of Thrive Design – “I called all my clients and used Airtable to take notes on the calls, noted who I gave 10% discount to, noted who I gave free COVID-19 update offer to, etc. I focused on making sure they are safe, have food (or TP), and asked if they were working from home. 1) If the client communicated hardship: we said during the COVID-19 crisis that their care plan invoices are 10% off and I’d apply that automatically + any updates to the website COVID-19 related are free. 2) If the client did not communicate a hardship: I asked if they want to make any notices on the website about COVID-19.” Here for an image of Noah’s Airtable.