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How do you outreach to leads and past clients during this time of crisis when money might be tight and business owners hesitant to move forward? By focusing on your services as a means of growth and revenue – saving their investment through care plan maintenance or giving them a better online presence.

Here are some more suggestions from our web pro community on this topic:

Dawn Kenney of DMK Graphics suggests that she is “reaching out to some clients and some reached out to me. Some hadn’t updated their sites in years and now realizing that they need to have a better/updated online presence. I have other clients who have many cancellations and events canceling. They are all looking for alternative ways to use online training and conferencing to keep some events online. Some clients just have some more time to focus on their websites right now. Time that they didn’t have before. Some of them only realized they should use some of their extra time on their website/marketing when I approached them to focus on updating, or adding social media presence, or plan a year’s blog posts, etc. Some wouldn’t have given a second thought. ”

Chandler Weiner of Obsessive WP – “I’m helping my clients to build online stores to take orders, even if that means off-WordPress. For example, I am helping a restaurant client get on Square so she can take online orders easily and have everything in her (already bought) Square POS. We are also encouraging our clients to sell gift cards so they can have some revenue while foot traffic is down.”

Paul Stoute of Stoute Web Solutions – “We’re in the planning stage for a large push to offer care services, and site audits to any established businesses in our area and providing free service to them for up to a year while we get through these tough times. We have the scalable bandwidth to support up to an additional ~1200 clients using our processes and server infrastructure which would equate to roughly a retail value of roughly 2M in annual revenue if we filled all the available seats. Of course, this would be written off this year and we wouldn’t see any return on this until around this time next year. Tied into our planning and our proactive offers, our lead gen would continue as normal but our messaging will be changing to explaining our helpful nature, proactive care, and ongoing personal and local support.”