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Overall approach: Add value proactively for a limited time

Alex Martines of Just Peachy has supplied a great email script for proactively adding value to all clients during this time. “I’ve also reached out to anyone who doesn’t regularly use their care plan support time to let them know that, if they have time left over at the end of a month, we’ll use that time for small technical SEO projects that help them get more value out of their site (image file size fixes, image alt text/title optimization, blog keywording, appropriate use of heading, etc.)”

Victor Font has also supplied a helpful script for a Response Approach while offering Value in a 30-minute strategy session. His email is carefully written and really highlights how the care plan is a relationship. View Victor’s Email.

This was also suggested by:

Alison Rothwell of WP Fidllybits – Alison is extending pro subscriptions for key plugins to everyone free of charge (i.e. WP Smush), the cost is small but she feels it helps them see her value.

Chandler Weiner of Obsessive WP – “Usually only some tiers of my plans have ‘Developer Time,’ AKA, hands-on help. I’ve given everyone 1 hour of hands-on help each month for the next 3 months for things like posting new store hours or putting up notices. I’ve then tripled the ‘Developer Time’ given to my clients who pay for it normally.”