CORE Calibration Workshops

Learn how to put "care" effectively at the center of your business. We'll review defining your niche, optimizing your processes, evaluating your team roles, exploring your own role in your company and more. Next slot: 5/5/2023

Replay from May 5th now posted (Lesson 1).

Replay from June 2nd now posted (Lesson 2).

These workshop will be converted into a course. Those who registered for the workshop will be grandfathered into the course. For any questions, email

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    Kristina Romero has trained over 5,000 web professionals, with training featured across the web. She spent over 7 years as a coach, has spoken at numerous conferences, and has built the education program for GoDaddy’s Entrepreneur and Pro content. She is the author of The Revenue Relationship, a best-selling book on establishing recurring revenue in your business.

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