Sales 2.0 Outreach and Convert – Past and Current Clients

This course used to be combined with Outreach and Convert – Cold and Warm Leads but has been separated out into two courses to make it easier on students.

Who wants more care plans?! In this course, we’ve compiled the four most common scenarios for outreach to secure more care plans or more revenue with raising prices. Everything in this course is step by step with video, task lists, templates and email copy making it foolproof to start your outreach immediately.

Everything you need:

  • Full email copy for every sequence
  • Video training for each major step of the process
  • Task lists for all steps in the sequences
  • Airtable base templates for organization 


  • Website and Products Set Up – 5 Video Lessons
  • Past Client Outreach, Convert to Care Plan – 3 Video Lessons
  • Current Client Outreach, Raising Prices – 3 Video Lessons


  • Raising Prices on Clients - Email Sequence
  • Re-Connecting with Old Clients - Email Sequence
  • Convert to Care Plan - Email Sequence
  • Website Evaluation - Email Sequence
  • Connecting With A Referral - Email Sequence
  • WordPress Evaluation - SOW
  • WordPress Boost - SOW
  • Reason for the Change - Blog Post
  • Importance of Care Plans - Blog Post
  • Outreach and Conversion - Task Lists Google Sheet
  • Importance of Care Plans - Blog Post
  • Airtable Base – Raising Prices
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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 11 Topics