Care Plan Retention – Crisis Action Plans

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We don’t know what June 2020 is going to look like, but what we do know is that as agencies, our care plan revenue operates as a key to our businesses staying afloat. As our clients become more and more affected, we have a responsibility to help, be transparent and fair, but also continue a positive transactional relationship.

How do we do that with so much uncertainty? By having a short term outlook and decisive approaches through a 90-day action plan (short term solution to be reevaluated in June 2020).

Below you will find lessons and materials sourced from the community of web pros at our WP Care Market Facebook Group and Email List. I’m so thankful for their generosity and each are citied with their suggestions.

This is not a lead gen trick, or way to build a list. We all need this right now. We all need each other.

Now take action!

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