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Overall approach: Offer a lower-tier “non-advertised” plan for limited time

The budget approach is perfect for companies that are hit by the current situation but continue to run smoothly. In this situation they are literally downgrading to a lower plan and scope of work. Many are calling these “non-advertised” plans and are only available for 3 months and then they will be upgraded back to their original plan.

This strategy was suggested by:

Jonathan Wofford of I Should Be Your WP Guy – Jonathan is offering a $25 plan of basic website maintenance for a limited time of 3 months.

Robert MacDonald of Creative Aspects – Robert is offering a plan of strictly hosting and backups, along with any features that can be added with free tools. He is evaluating each lower-tiered plan month-to-month.

Kate Smith – “For those who need to cut expenses, I offered to drop them to a very basic backups and software updates only plan. Sort of the bare minimum. I focused messaging on the importance of keeping their website healthy because if it gets hacked or doesn’t work, their business cannot earn revenue.”