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Overall approach: Offer information via webinars and resource links (like business loans)

This is a great time to be generous with your knowledge. A lot of countries, states and municipalities are offering small business loans to help with the crisis. Help clients by looking up this information. You can also create specific tutorials on how to update notices on their site to update during the crisis.

Justin Korn of KornDev has put together an extensive spreadsheet of resources for us to share with our clients. Explore this list for articles, training, services, and assistance. We send this resource to our agency clients and linked to Justin Korn’s resources list. You can view that email here.

Noah Britton of Thrive Design put together a tutorial video for his clients on how to update their sites during the crisis. Click here to see the video for inspiration on how you could do the same. As the crisis was evolving Noah had also planned and executed “offering a free webinar for the tips, tricks, and software we use to manage a remote team and keep projects on track.” These expert outreaches really help position yourself as an advocate for their business.

This was also suggested by:

Richard Van Denderen of WP Help Desk – Richard is setting up a webinar for Q&A discussion which doesn’t take a lot of preparation but adds a lot of value. He is also making tutorials on how his clients can add notification popups on their website, thus giving them more control to change their messaging. Richard also suggested sending information about loans for businesses.

Michael Brock of Digital Wares – Michael is getting information together for his clients to be able to apply for low-cost loans from the U.S. SBA (Small Business Administration) and in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Michele Bergh of Bergh Consulting – Michele is offering a 15-minute strategy call to her client to lend her expertise.

Chandler Weiner of Obsessive WP – “I’ve also provided links to disaster loans available in my client’s states as well as the Federal SBA loan program so they have a way to stay afloat.”