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Care Plan Action Plan – Planning for 90 Days

In a fluid situation, like our current crisis, our response should be limited, i.e. offering a discount for one month, or pausing a care plan for 90 days, giving value adds for the next 4 weeks – in order to resume again when the current crisis dissipates. For the sake of this lesson, our 90-day timeframe isn’t for our clients, it’s for us. It’s to remind us to re-evaluate our situation every three months and adjust accordingly. We need to not be afraid to plan, and change plans as plans change!

90 days also allows you to work within a reasonable knowledge of the current situations but with the expectation that there will be a shift and need for a new plan.

This applies to outreach to our current clients and what we offer, response and proactive sales and marketing during this time, as well as personal expectations on how our business runs and the possibility that we will need a shift there as well.

Review the topics below on the three main focuses for your 90-day plan. Use Airtable to track your tasks, outreach, and expectations. Then set a task for yourself to re-evaluate in 90 days!