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Overall approach: Offer free notices, updates or feature adds directly needed for crisis response.

At my agency, we crafted an email for our web pros as a simple reaction to the response, letting them know our status and that we would update any notices related to the response for free. It got great feedback from our clients:

View COVID-19 Response Email Template

This was suggested by:

Michael Brock of Digital Wares – “I am offering free of charge to update the homepage of all of our customer’s websites with a message from them regarding changes to their business hours, availability etc.”

Jason of Chilli Designs – Jason offered crisis statements on the website for free. His aim and email was written to remind them that we are all a part of the same team and we are all pulling together in adversity.

Michele Bergh of Bergh Consulting – “I offered all my clients a one time edit to their home page or I would add an announcement bar to their website if they were doing things differently due to the virus. All they needed to do was reply to my email with their content.”

Carey Baker of Midnight Designs – Carey added a chat window and aviator to a client’s website explaining her situation. In seeing how effective this was, he is now offering it to all clients.

Alison Rothwell of WP Fiddlybits – Onto of adding a crisis response for free, Alison is including sources of practical help/advice regarding the business impact from COVID in her end of month care plan report.

Paul Stoute of Stoute Web Solutions – “When a client who doesn’t currently have a COVID-19 notice on their site reaches out for another change or update on their site, we’ll ask if they’d like to add a notice while we’re already making the updates.”