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Overall approach: Offer to remove features for a limited time

This approach is best used for a case-by-case approach of working with each client to reduce the plan in areas that remove time and cost for you but reduces the fee for them. Since you are now customizing the plan, it’s best you stress this is temporary and they will return to the original plan in X amount of months or weeks.

This approach may be better positioned than the “Budget Approach” option since it’s re-enforcing that the plan they are on is right for them and are not being downgraded to a secret lower plan. You are simply removing features.

Cliff Almeida of Hire A Wiz recently worked with a client to remove features in order to retain hem on their care plan. This is the care plan email script he used. This was successful and the client kept their plan active on this “skinny” version.

This strategy was also suggested by:

Janet Pearson of Technology Matters – Janet has chosen the option to remove reporting and 30 minutes of support time in order to reduce the fee.