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Overall approach: Offer a phone call to evaluate each client individually

Noah Britton of Thrive Design – “I called all my clients and used Airtable to take notes on the calls, noted who I gave 10% discount to, noted who I gave free COVID-19 update offer to, etc. I focused on making sure they are safe, have food (or TP), and asked if they were working from home. 1) If the client communicated hardship: we said during the COVID-19 crisis that their care plan invoices are 10% off and I’d apply that automatically + any updates to the website COVID-19 related are free. 2) If the client did not communicate a hardship: I asked if they want to make any notices on the website about COVID-19.” Here’s an image of Noah’s Airtable.

This was also suggested by:

Kate Smith – “Check in with them and see how they’re doing and make sure they’re well. I think this is important because it’s the relationship we have that will help keep them subscribed. I’ve offered a call to anyone who wants one to talk through how they might need to make some changes during this social distancing time. (not just care plan related, but whatever they need.)

Pasquale Nocito – “This is a serious situation which means you would do with anybody else does and pick up the phone and call your clients and be proactive. Ask them how it’s going and really connect. This is the time where you really can listen about what’s going on in their business in general and build rapport and a deepen bond showing that you care.”